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The Southwest Association of Mystery Performers, or SWAMP as we refer to it, is an organization devoted to working with magic clubs in the Southwest United States to put on quarterly lectures (virtual) and annual conventions (live).

SWAMP is just getting off the ground in 2023 and looking for people in AZ, NM, NV, CO, and UT who are interested in an organization for all of us — IBM members, SAM members, or just magicians and mentalists who don’t even have a local club.

Our intention is to work with local magic clubs, not compete with them!

Please consider joining our “low-volume” email list so we can keep you informed of our progress and upcoming events. Every email from the list includes a one-click unsubscribe link, so you’re in control.

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Besides joining the list, if you’re interested in actively helping build SWAMP into a thriving behemoth of an organization for mystery performers, feel free to use the Contact form on the site and let us know. We’d love to connect with you!